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“Dexter’s” Experience

“Hi Toby, Although I am happy to be home, I wanted you to know that I appreciated your care and thoughtfulness while I was staying at DIA P & B.  And  I especially wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my Christmas cookies.  They are all delicious.  I ask several times a day for one, but Sue and Bob don’t want me to be a butterball, so there are limits! Very sincerely, your pal, Dexter (the English Springer Spaniel)”

Lauren’s Experience

“I can’t say enough good things about Toby and the business here. Our dogs are like our kids and it was our second time boarding them after a so-so experience at a big box kennel. Needless to say, I was nervous, but Toby was great and reassured us the dogs would be well taken care of. The property is huge with a few different lanes of fencing. The dogs are kept in a climate controlled building with an interior kennel with exterior fenced access through a dog door. From the exterior access, the dogs are also allowed to run around through a bigger yard where they can play and see the other farm animals, all while being monitored at all times and safe. We liked that our two dogs could be kept kenneled together and be allowed their time to play in the yard separate from the other dogs, and had 24×7 access through their dog door to an outside area to potty (they didn’t do well at the big corporate kennel because they don’t take dogs actually outside to go to the bathroom and they held it until they were sick). They also always had fresh water and the facilities were very clean. We vouched for additional “nature walks”, which our dogs loved, and also asked for the grooming package to pick up two clean dogs. When we went to get them, both dogs looked happy, clean, and actually pretty tired from all the playing and running around they did. We were more than happy to leave them there a week a few months later for our wedding and when we drove up, the dogs were super excited to be back. I know they are opening a new big box kennel near DIA, but, if you’re looking for individual and well experienced attention for your dogs and a very nice open environment for them, I’d definitely recommend going here.” ~Lauren Kamberly

Genevieve’s Story

“Toby, the woman who runs this kennel, is amazing. She is so nice. I boarded my dog for about 2 weeks while I went on a trip, and I used the “park and bark” service…which means I parked my car in Toby’s garage, and she gave me a ride to and from the airport. The boarding fees are very reasonable. The kennels are pretty large and clean, and my dog got his own blanket and a peanut butter kong every day. At the end of each stay, Toby gives my dog a package of homemade dog treats. It does not get better than this.” ~Genevieve P.

Amanda’s Story

“I would board my dogs here anytime! Great kennels & conveniently located near DIA.” ~Amanda C.


“Prince was a foster cat that was 1/2 lb. when I first met him. Toby and her mother Janelle treated Prince like he was their own. They socialized him to other dogs, and he is now the most dog-friendly cat that you’d every want to meet. Toby runs a 1st class boarding program for cats and dogs. You’ll not find a safer, cleaner, friendlier, better place to board your loved ones (the kind with 4 paws)!” – Donna


“We have been coming to DIA Park & Bark for a couple of years. Braska needs a hair cut a few times a year – but all of the dogs look great & smell great when picked up. Toby is very professional and I appreciate her services. I have recommended her to others & will continue to do so.” – Karee


“Lucy looks forward to her visits at Toby’s DIA Park and Bark. She enjoys watching the activity with other animals–including the goats, other pups. She enjoys the expert grooming–Toby calls it her ‘spa day’ and always comes home happy. Toby offers a first class experience for your loved pets!” – Donna DuLong


“We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate Toby and the amazing care she gives to Max when he stays at DIA Park and Bark. Max is a part of our family and we have a tough time leaving him when we go out of town, but Toby does such a fantastic job, we never have to worry. He loves it there and all the gourmet treats. We always get the feeling like he isn’t that eager to go home. Toby is the BEST!” – Loralee and Levi


“This was our dog Mati’s first time being boarded and it was a very positive experience for her! Toby went above and beyond to make Mati feel safe comfortable. She transported us to and from the airport on time, and sent Mati home with a little goody bag. We will definitely use DIA Park and Bark again. Thanks Toby!” – Donna and Lonnie Funk  

Madison, Rocco, & Tanner

“Our dogs LOVE Serengeti Kennel. They think it is a country club for dogs. The kennels are meticulously clean and we never have to worry about kennel cough due to small number of guests. The pets get individual attention and every need is lovingly accommodated. We would not take our pets any place else!” – Kathy Hurt

Callie & Cooper

“Toby was wonderful taking care of our dogs. She was ready for us at 4am ready to take us to the airport which was so convenient and she was right there to pick us up, hassle free. Toby also groomed Cooper and did a wonderful job, highly recommend her grooming packages. It was peace of mind to know that they had their private run to go in and out at anytime. For your next trip away from home, Toby will be the first person we call for boarding.” ~Mary Baluta 

Prada & Gucci

“We highly recommend DIA Park and Bark animal boarding for it’s personal attention to each individual pet , it’s cleanliness, it’s spacious kennels and individual outdoor play areas and the fact that Toby is very knowledgable in the canine world! Our boxers were in an atmosphere that was pleasant (where there weren’t fifty other dogs). We loved that we could leave our car in a safe garage there on the Park and Bark property and be taken to and picked up from the airport during our travels. We will definitely be back with our boxer girls. -Melissa and Ken P., Strasburg

Eros & Bacchus

“I can’t say enough about Toby and DIA Park and Bark!  Whether we are utilizing ‘Park and Bark’ or the grooming services our ‘boys’ are always well cared for; we come back to happy, healthy dogs. If you haven’t tried Tobt’s homemade dog treats, ‘the boys’ highly recommend them!” -Lori K. 


“Gracie and I love DIA Park and Bark. We have utilized the services of Toby many times. It’s reassuring to know that your pet will receive the best possible care and love when staying with Toby. Truly the best kennel I have ever used. Toby is kind, compassionate and caring and your pets will enjoy their time with her. Gracie and I have recently relocated to Los Angeles and we will greatly miss Toby.” -Amy V.

Roxie & Stella

“My husband and I enjoy traveling, but going on vacation meant that the two 4-legged members of our family, Roxie and Stella, would need to be boarded – something I use to dread. After many terrifying experiences at the impersonal big “box store” kennels, we contacted Toby at DIA Park and Bark. We were looking for a unique, calm, and attentive environment for Roxie and Stella where we would feel comfortable knowing they were in good hands. We’ve used DIA Park and Bark many times for long trips and short and especially like the convenience of the Park and Bark option to DIA.  When we travel we have complete peace of mind that Roxie and Stella are pampered and well taken care of.  I know this for a fact because when we come to pick them up, I know they don’t want to leave! It doesn’t end there; Toby sends them home with thank you baggies filled with home-made biscuits and a toy for each. If your pet is as important to your family as Roxie and Stella are to us, I would recommend Toby and DIA Park and Bark for the peace of mind and attention they deserve.” – Lorie & Dave S.


“DIA Park and Bark is an A+ to the 10th degree for our family. We have always been hesitant to board our 4 legged family member so we always sought out relatives to care for him during our vacations. This time however, we had to find a boarding facility. So among the many calls, internet sites and referrals we came across Toby and DIA Park and Bark. From day 1, our black lab Bugsy was greeted with enthusiasm and most importantly love. We were even allowed to leave his favorite pillow. Bugsy loved it so much that for days thereafter he would jump into the truck almost begging to go back. Honestly, who wouldn’t with all that room to run around in, the water splashing in the pools, the super clean sleeping area, the family atmosphere and friends to play with. If you are still searching…stop your search and take the time to schedule a meet and greet with Toby and her family. Your pet will thank you.” -Petra C.

Buddy & Carli

“We [dogs Buddy and Carli] love Toby!! She takes very good care of us while we are there to be groomed. She pampers us too! Mom says if she ever has to leave us, that Toby would be the only one she would leave us with and we would be glad to stay with her. You’re the best Toby!!!” – Cheri Wiehl


“Ginger was a relatively new pet for me; young and somewhat shy. I felt she needed some special attention – which she received from Toby.  She got along great, and even found a boyfriend at DIA Park and Bark. I’ll be comfortable leaving her with Toby always!” – Jo Evans

Nemo & Dory

Whether it’s time for a bath, or time to stay for a few days, Dory and Nemo love DIA Park and Bark. All I have to say to them is “lets go see Toby [DIA Park and Bark owner]” and they head for the car…me too!” – Linda Marceca


Jed has the best groomer, Toby. He loves Toby and he loves being groomed by her. We love the care and special treatment Toby gives Jed.  We are very lucky to have her. – Melinda & Woody Schumann