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DIA Park and Bark offers a unique and affordable animal boarding experience like no other in the area! Our small kennel allows for a maximum of 12 dogs at any one time. Our goal is to provide individual attention to each and every one of our furry guests.

Animal Boarding

  • Available for dogs and cats
  • 24-hour on-site owner pet care
  • Fully-covered indoor/outdoor kennels. Shaded in summer for additional comfort
  • Large dog kennels to ensure the most individualized attention for your pet
  • Heated and air-conditioned for ideal climate all-year long
  • Bedding provided
  • We are unable to care for dogs under 6 months of age or dogs that require rehab or intensive care (elderly dogs, dogs with incontinence issues, etc.). We would recommend checking with your vet for special boarding circumstances.

Amenities Included in Boarding

  • Cleaning twice daily
  • Fresh water twice daily
  • Individual play time with three spacious play yards with grass and trees
  • Daily pet enrichment such as toys, milk bones, peanut butter filled Kongs, calming music at bedtime and aromatherapy
  • Dogs are kept separated for safety reasons but still receive plenty of socialization
  • Cool wading pool in summer months
  • Co-habitable spaces for two or more
  • We offer complimentary bedding, toys and treats during our guests’ stay.

Medication and Supplements

  • One or two medications are included free of charge. Three or more supplements can be provided at a cost of $1/medication or supplement.
  • Please bring an 8 ounce cream cheese package or a package of pill pockets. This is the easiest and cheapest way to give pills, and we have never had a dog refuse the cream cheese ball with the hidden pills.


  • When your dog boards, please bring your own food
  • If you elect to have us feed your dog, we offer a variety of premium grain or no-grain foods. We charge $2 a day for dogs under 50 pounds, $4 per day for dogs 50-75 pounds and $5 a day for dogs 75 pounds or more.
  • Due to the dangers involved in feeding raw diets, we do not allow raw food diets at our kennel.
  • Canned dog food and dry dry food is allowed.
  • The State requires us to ensure that all food brought to our kennel must be sealed and in a covered containerNo food in plastic or loose bags. No other containers of home-prepared food may be brought to kennel.
  • Please label your container with the following: your name, your pet(s) name(s), and feeding frequency.
  • We provided disinfected, stainless steel bowls for your pet’s stay. Do not bring your bowl from home.
  • You may provide treats but we do have them available.


$30.00 per dog (providing your own pet’s food)

  • $28.00 for 2nd pet
  • $26.00 for 3 or more pets
  • Credit cards accepted, but a charge of 1.58% will be applied to all invoices.
  • Cash or check is accepted.
  • You are charged the first day of arrival no matter what time animal arrives. If animal is pick-up before noon of day of check-out then there will be no charge for that day.
  • Daily cat rates, $16 (bring your own food), $18 (premium cat food provided)


  • Reservations, especially around the holidays are recommended
  • Holiday reservations require a $50.00 deposit


  • We welcome you to bring your pets’ belongings, please understand that you bring at your own risk. We will not be responsible for personal items (toys, beds, etc.).
  • You may bring your dog’s coat should he/she require it.
  • Place belongings in canvas or cloth bag (not plastic or paper) and label with your dog(s) name(s).
  • We also will provide fresh bedding for your pet.
  • No bed spreads or large blankets; a small blanket is allowed.
  • Beds must not be too overstuffed (3? or more) to interfere with dog doors.